Categories C & D to Be Replaced by S & N

Published: 18/09/2017

Did you know that The Code of Practice for the Categorisation of Motor Vehicle Salvage is changing from 1st October 2017?

The code sets best practice for the disposal of motor vehicle salvage, ensuring that damaged vehicles are correctly categorised.

What’s changing?

The categories are changing from the old A, B, C & D.

They will be replaced by:

A: Scrap

B: Break

S: Structural

N: Non-Structural

Categories A (Scrap) and B (Break) will remain the same, while S (Structural) and N (Non-Structural) will replace categories C and D.

How will the changes affect me?

The new categories will give you a better indication as to why the vehicle has been written off; i.e. whether it was cosmetic, light damage or structural damage.

Why is it changing?

The new categories will make buying salvage vehicles more transparent, as prospective purchasers will be aware of whether the vehicle has structural damage or not.

We will provide further information and guidance regarding the changes to the Code of Practice in the coming weeks.

The new Code of Practice for the Categorisation of Motor Vehicle Salvage can be seen in full at

Will I still be able to purchase Cat C & D vehicles after 1st October 2017?

There will be a period of crossover where you will see both Category C & D and Category S & N vehicles at auction.

Vehicles cannot be categorised as a C or D after 1st October 2017, but any vehicle categorised as C & D prior to 1st October will remain in circulation under those categories until such point as they are re-categorised.